Abigail Ruth Design Co. is focused on bringing couples a fresh and unique look to their wedding. There's a very strong trend throughout most wedding invitations including floral, loose calligraphy and pastel colors. Abigail Ruth Design Co. is here to break that trend. We want to help bring a fresh, new feel to your wedding, and set you apart from every other wedding.

Abigail Ruth Design Co. brings an easy, stree-free routine to the wedding invitation design process. Beautiful templates are curated and ready for use.


  1. Go to the "Products" page and click on "Purchase Here," This will take you to Abigail Ruth Design Co.'s Etsy page.

  2. Choose the template that best fits the feel of your wedding

  3. After you purchase that template, contact Abigail Ruth Design Co. through Etsy, with the information needed for the invitation.

  4. This process takes 3-5 business days. Abigail Ruth Design Co. will email you back with the appropriate digital files.

  5. Contact your local print shop, email them the .pdf file, let them know how many you would like printed, and you are done!